A linguist who specializes in slang words and phrases.
Example Citation:
Moll is well established in English slang. Moll hook de scribed a female pickpocket; moll house or shop was a brothel; moll blood was the gallows; and moll buzzer described both a female thief or beggar and a male who concen trated on female victims. A moll hunter was a womaniser. ... Late in the 18th century there was an infamous prostitute called Moll Peatley. Moll Peatley's Her gig (or jig) was, according to slanguist Francis Grose in 1796, "a rogering bout".
— "Molls find their way into slang," The Canberra Times, December 18, 1999
Earliest Citation:
Although ''grossed out'' was big last year, it is already on the wane: The new form is ''scuzzed out.'' The ''scuz'' (rhymes with ''fuzz'') might come from ''disgusted''; really with-it slanguists are scuzzed out at the squared-out weirdos who still use ''grossed out.''
— William Safire, "On Language," The New York Times, October 26, 1980
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